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What are the top performing verticals for Pop campaigns?
How to duplicate my campaign creative?
How to optimize your push notification campaign
What are the top performing verticals for push notification campaigns?
How to adjust your bid per publisher feed
How to exclude 3rd party traffic?
How to Pause my Campaign?
How to Analyze my Creative CTR on my push notification campaigns?
How do I get invoices after i made my deposit?
AdMaven Ad Policy
Prohibited Products and Services
How do I create my first campaign?
How do I activate a coupon code?
How to read and understand your campaign stats?
How to fund your account by using a PayPal account?
How can I understand the reason my Campaign was declined?
How to make your first deposit?
How to create a Blacklist / Whitelist?
Why hasn't my deposit been approved?
What is the recommended Rate per GEO for each ad format?
What are the available targeting options on the Self Service platform?
What is the minimum and maximum bid for each ad format?
What tokens are available?
How can I edit my campaign creative after I completed the campaign?
What is our refund policy?
Why doesn’t my campaign receive any traffic (or receive very low volume)?
What are the available pricing models for each ad format?
Why Can't I see my campaign stats?
Why was my campaign declined?
Can advertisers from all over the world open an account with Ad-Maven?
How can I edit my campaign targeting options after I completed it?
How much time after the campaign was approved does it take to start getting traffic?
Can I track my conversions on my Ad-Maven panel?
General guidelines for creating Push Notifications campaign
What are the available paying methods on the Self Service platform?
What are Ad-Maven’s office hours?
How can I reach the Ad-Maven support team?
How do I register for an advertiser account with Ad-Maven?
What is the time zone of the reports?
How long does it take until my campaign gets approved?