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What are the top performing verticals for push notification campaigns?
What are the top performing verticals for push notification campaigns?
Written by Admaven support
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One of the most popular questions we are constantly getting is “what type of ads work on your push notification traffic?”.

Thus, we have accumulated countless examples for campaign verticals that from our experience have shown the best and stable performance.

Presented here is our summary of the top-performing ads on push notifications.

Sweepstakes -

Sweepstakes has always been a very popular and very "Newbie-Friendly" vertical to start with. This vertical has been showing steady and stable performance. There are two types of Sweepstakes offer:

  1. Credit Card Submit - Very much like the streaming and Video-On-Demand offers we have all been accustomed to.
    This conversion flow type would require the user to put his credit card details and in general, might be a bit harder to convert but much more rewarding. 

  1. SOI/DOI - The second type of sweepstakes and and the most common method. This conversion flow type would only require the user to put his contact details (SOI) or put his details and confirm via mail (DOI).

*Most Sweepstakes offers would take the user through a conversion flow journey that starts with an initial prelander that goes prior to the actual offer page. 

*The most popular type of Sweepstakes is “Win An iPhone”, which offers you to get into a raffle about a brand new smartphone. Could work just as good with “Galaxy” or any other brand. 

*Another very popular variant of the Sweepstakes vertical is the opportunity to win a gift card to a major store brand such as Walmart, Amazon and similar brands.

Content Arbitrage - This ad type focuses on spreading some sort of original content and monetize using banners and native widgets. From our experience, don't limit the GEO's and run your content arbitrage ads on WW traffic.

*As you can see here, the main focus of the page is the additional monetization on the page itself and go through the entire ads’ flow and see everything.

- The online casino industry in 2017 generated over $48 billion, it is a growing and evolving industry. Online casinos offer a large variety of games to choose from. Since it is a deposit-oriented industry, you would want to highlight any special promotion in your creative that would push the user to make his first deposit. Consult with our support on the Specific GEO's to start your campaigns on.

*Most casino offers usually comes with a prelander that provides the user with a “Wining” sensation from the beginning of the flow. 

*The Landing page itself would usually include a type of promo that would urge the user to sign up and become a depositing user.

Make Money offers
- First, it is worth mentioning that a lot of black hat traffic goes to this kind of offers. Also, this industry, which contained many Forex and Binary options companies, had and still have many strict regulations. This industry is now seeing a massive growth, which is also gaining momentum due to the rise in Bitcoin value which puts the focus back on this market. Crypto ads are all the rage now. Build your creative to be "Call to Action" oriented and lead the user on a smooth journey towards its first deposit. From our experience, use an article before the final offer page to entice the users and increase your chance of a conversion.

*In most cases the first prelander would be a type of news article. This prelander is meant to “warm” up the user for the rest of the flow. 

*the second step would be the actual lead page. The users that made it so far has a much higher chance to convert and make a deposit. 

Dating - This vertical is has an unwavering hype around it and even when other verticals might crash, dating always remains relevant. From our experience run SOI/DOI offers, an easy conversion flow for the user that can provide positive ROI without a big budget. 

*The Prelanders of the dating offers are meant to attract and entice the user to carry on with the flow. This is the most common prelander which is used.

*Same as the previous offers, the final stage would be the lead page, which allows the user to sign up for the dating service.

Nutra -
There are numerous industries and sub-categories which could be defined as “Nutraceuticals”, or as you might know them: “Nutra Offers”. Nutraceuticals are products, which other than nutrition are also used as medicine. According to predictions, The Nutra industry is expected to surpass the 300 Billion mark by the year 2023, and affiliate marketing has a huge role in these predictions. There are a few major sub-categories, we would go over the major ones. 

Male Enhancement products - Male enhancement products definitely set's the tone in that regard . One of the biggest products running on Nutra niche is male enhancement products. Same as other CPA offers, this is a primary sales oriented industry, we recommend using a prelander in order to prepare each visitor and create a journey that would make it easier for the user to buy your product. Take in mind, Creating your own version is key.

*Same as other News article prelanders, the point here is to entice the users to push forward and reach the product page. 

*Since, as we explained this is a sales-oriented industry, therefore the entire flow of the offer is actually directing for a purchase.

Health/Cosmetics Products -
This Nutra sub-category focuses mainly on promoting health and cosmetics-oriented products such as make-up, skin products and various pills or treatments for various known conditions such as Diabetes for instance. Same as the previous mentioned male enhancement, use an article based prelander to walk the user through a journey which its peak is buying your product.

*Example of a Nutra product for diabetes. 

Diet - This diet-oriented product lines offer the user a quick and easy solution to lose weight. Either via pills or any other method. Just like to different variants of Nutra products we discussed, the main way this offer type runs is through an article-based article which guides the user towards the conversion. 

*This offer is an example of a Nutra offer for diet pills based on green coffee.

Mac Products
- Mac traffic for push consists of one of the highest in terms of quality. There is a variety of products to choose from, Mainly utility apps for Mac. What our experts recommend is running on mainly tier 1 GEO's and of course don't forget to discuss with support about top rates for each GEO. 

*An example of a utility product designed especially for mac. Same as PC cleaners, it revolves around downloading in addition to using the application.

Sports Bet
- There are always big sporting events scheduled and there is always room for sporting bet offers. Champions League, Premier League, La Liga. You name it. Before choosing your offer, assess the attractiveness of the product to your users and pick the correct time frame to run your sport bet offers. The best time to promote would be a day or two before the game, to entice the users. Highlight your offer's advantages and use them in your creative. "Free bonus", "Make your first deposit, get 10% on the house" and so on. Furthermore, since it's usually concentrated around a specific event, in the image it's recommended to use a specific image that would represent the event you are promoting your sports bet offer for.

*An example of an offer which redirects directly to the sports bet site.

- This vertical has always been one of the biggest and stable ones. There is always a sale, always a promotion and you as an affiliate needs to take advantage and promote as hard as you can. There are two approaches to promoting E-commerce on Push Notifications: 

  1. Promote one of the major agencies - Amazon, Flipkart, Gearbest - you just need to take your pick. Just for frame of reference, in the US 49.1% out of the total of e-commerce trade was conducted through Amazon. Most of the major e-commerce affiliate programs work on a type of rev share deals or based on commission. The potential is endless. 

*Example of the Amazon offer page which arrives directly to the site. 

     2. Promote a specific Product - This type of ad would be more relevant for                          affiliates that are promoting a singular product. For instance, if you are                           promoting a type of Go-Pro camera, you would want to highlight the                               advantages of the product or any discounts. Same as native advertising, use                 the text and image to engage with the user. Once the user made it to your                     landing page, Create the funnel that would make it easier for him to buy your                 product.

*Example of a specific online store that showcases one specific offer.

PC Cleaner -
Same as utility mac products, this type of ads offers the user to download their respected products to scan your computer and detect any damage on it. This would require you to run it in a more download oriented creative type. "Your computer might need a scan", "Your computer might be at risk" etc. Compliance will not approve any campaign that contains aggressive or scareware creatives such as "You have (13) Viruses" or any loud noises which are meant to intimidate the user.

*Example of a PC cleaner offer.

Antivirus -
This offer usually runs in CPA model, meaning you need to buy the product or pay to use the product. The restrictions are the same as with PC Cleaner offers. No Scareware of any aggressive components.

*Example of an offer page for Anti-Virus purchase. The pricing model here would be CPA, meaning cost per actual purchase. 

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