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What are the top performing verticals for Pop campaigns?
What are the top performing verticals for Pop campaigns?

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One of the most popular questions we are constantly getting is “what type of ads work on your Pop traffic?”.

AdMaven has on a daily basis over 500 million daily impressions which come from direct sites only. The traffic is divided into quality groups which is determined by the frequency of the pop. Meaning, what number of pop is the user seeing. For example, once the user enters the site and receives a pop ad, that would be “Pop # 1", that would be a part of one quality groups, second Pop, another etc.  

Thus, we have accumulated countless examples for campaign verticals that from our experience have shown the best and stable performance.

Presented here is our summary of the top-performing ads on AdMaven’s Pop traffic. 

Before we dive in we there is one recommendation we give which is relevant for every vertical we would write about here: Always use prelanders. Provide the user with a full journey, so once he arrives to the final offer page, the conversion would be much easier for the user! 

Extensions - Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences. Extensions is a type of product that works primarily on Chrome Desktop. An extension must fulfill a single purpose. The Conversion flow for extension is download oriented. Try to run extension which provide the user some sort of functionality. 

*Offer the user a functional Extension that could truly make his online experience much more efficient and positive.

Mobile content -is any type of electronic media which is viewed or used on mobile phones, like ringtones, graphics, discount offers, games, movies or VPN. The core conversion flow of every mobile content offer is leaving the mobile phone numbers which subscribes the user to some sort of service. The GEO's our experts recommend to focus on are: GCC, IT, Tier 3 GEO’s, ZA, FR. AdMaven has a portion of pop traffic which arrives from adult sites, we recommend running also Adult mobile content offers. Scarware prelanders are prohibited. Prelanders which display clock countdown or any phrasing on the landing page such as: “Your phone is infected” “You must leave your phone number in order to save your phone” Will be declined.  

*Example of a Mobile content with offers the user with an Anti-Virus service.

Mobile applications – With apps it is more crucial to use prelanders. Since there are so much apps out there and more and more are popping up on a daily basis, it is crucial to give the user some sort of background on why he should download the application you are promoting. Advice with our support what prelanders are allowed and which ones are prohibited. Same as mobile content, any prelanders that has any scarware pharsing or clock countdown will be declined. Our experts recommend running mainly: Utility apps, VPN apps, Streaming oriented apps (An app that it’s function is to stream movies, Netflix for example).

*VPN apps are one of the most common apps around, since they serve a distinct purpose and are extremely useful for the user.

*Streaming oriented apps are also an example of an app that is a product that could interest the user. 

*An example of a utility app.

Push Subscription offers – One of the biggest and emerging trends in the Ad:Tech in the recent time is push notification. A large quantity of push users collected comes from pop traffic. AdMaven pop traffic is from direct sites only, thus the quality of users collected from AdMaven pop traffic can create a very high-quality data base. There are many networks and affiliates that are collecting and compiling user data bases in order to monetize them. Since this is a mainly download oriented type of offer, it is a perfect match for AdMAven pop traffic. 

*Am example of a Push user collection offer

Sweepstakes  -  Sweepstakes has always been a very popular and very "Newbie-Friendly" vertical to start with. This vertical has been showing steady and stable performance. There are two types of Sweepstakes offer:

Credit Card Submit - Very much like the streaming and Video-On-Demand offers we have all been accustomed to. This conversion flow type would require the user to put his credit card details and in general, might be a bit harder to convert but much more rewarding. 

SOI/DOI - The second type of sweepstakes and and the most common method. This conversion flow type would only require the user to put his contact details (SOI) or put his details and confirm via mail (DOI).

*As we previously explained, a prelander is always the way to got with Pop traffic, this acts as the journey the user goes through until he reaches the final offer page. 

*An example of a "win an iphone" Sweepstakes offer

*An example of a Gift card Sweepstakes offer.

VOD CC Submit  - CC Submit means that in order to actually get the trial product, the customer has to enter their Credit Card details – so the seller can charge them directly later on. This mainly streaming oriented offer type offers the user to subscribe to a streaming service that would provide them with with access to a library of streaming content. Our experts recommend mainly focusing on Tier 1 GEO's. 

PC Cleaner – This offer type of ads offers the user to download their respected products to scan your computer and detect any damage on it. This would require you to run it in a more download oriented creative type. "Your computer might need a scan", "Your computer might be at risk" etc. Compliance will not approve any campaign that contains aggressive or scareware creatives such as "You have (13) Viruses" or any loud noises which are meant to intimidate the user.

*OneSafe is one of the most famous brands in the PC cleaner variant of ads. Make sure to ask to run PC cleaners offers on CPI. It would be much harder to get traction with a Sale oriented PC cleaner offer. 

Make Money offers - First, it is worth mentioning that a lot of black hat traffic goes to this kind of offers. Also, this industry, which contained many Forex and Binary options companies, had and still have many strict regulations. This industry is now seeing a massive growth, which is also gaining momentum due to the rise in Bitcoin value which puts the focus back on this market. Crypto ads are all the rage now. Build your creative to be "Call to Action" oriented and lead the user on a smooth journey towards its first deposit. From our experience, use an article before the final offer page to entice the users and increase your chance of a conversion.

Web games - An online game is a video game that is either partially or primarily played through the Internet or any other computer network available. Web games have been around for ages. Since the game is hosted on the browser, the user does need to download the game itself, therefore the conversion flow in Web games is mainly lead oriented. A small warning, make sure to understand what is the KPI which is needed to be achieved (KPI is an abbreviation for: key performance indicator. In the Web Games industry it indicated what the user is required to do in order for the conversion to be counted. It’s not enough for the user to open an account and leave his email address for instance, he also needs to play the game a certain amount of time or make a distinct amount of actions. Make sure that you are aware of the KPI). As we previously mentioned, AdMAven has a portion which comes from adult sites, therefore, you can run mainstream web games and also adult web games. There is quite a lot of both variants.

*An example of a Web game offer 

Dating - This vertical is has an unwavering hype around it and even when other verticals might crash, dating always remains relevant. From our experience run SOI/DOI offers, an easy conversion flow for the user that can provide positive ROI without a big budget. 

E-commerce  – In 2017 there were over 1.6 billion global digital buyers and On 2018 E-commerce was accounted for 11.9% of all retail sales worldwide. E-commerce is one of the most profitable ad type to run on pop. Most e-commerce sites have an affiliate program which allows you to plant your affiliate cookie which lasts for 30 days. The right way to go about it would be buying pop to spread your cookie around, this would prove itself. You might not be ROI positive for the first few days, but after you spread your cookie around you will see a substantial rise in commissions on a daily basis since the user might not execute a purchase on the first day he his on the shopping page, but might do so on the following days. And on the point, the cookie you planted goes into action.  

*Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce brands which operates mainly on the Indian market. 

*Gearbest for instance provides a 30 day cookie, which once the user saw an ad with a specific Cookie, unless the user see's another Gearbest with another Cookie, once the user is making a purchase the advertiser would get the commission. 

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