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What tokens are available?
What tokens are available?

Tokens, Parameters, Macros

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The supported macros are:
{conversion}                 Conversion tracking
{pubfeed}                      Publisher Feed ID
{subid}                           Publisher Feed Subid

We recommend using Pubfeed and Subid together - {pubfeed}.{subid}

{state}                            Visitor's state
{country}                        Two-letter visitor's country (ISO 3166-2)
{city}                              Visitor's city
{zip}                               Visitor's postal code (if available)
{os}                                Operation system
{browser}                       Browser
{carrier}                          Visitor's ISP
{ip}                                  User IP
{campaign}                    Campaign ID
{banner}                         Ad ID
{bid}                                Bid price
{ga}                                 Required for Google Analytics statistics
{aa}                                 Required for Event tracking
{keyword}                      Keyword matched on campaign
{offer}                             Offer ID
{query}                           Keyword sent by publisher
{regerrer}                       Referrer URL (urlencoded)
{referrer_domain}          Referrer domain
{device_type}                Device Type
{device_brand}              Device brand
{ifa}                                 Device Identifier

You can also find a more extended list in the section on the Creative creation of the campaign itself:


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