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Why doesn’t my campaign receive any traffic (or receive very low volume)?
Why doesn’t my campaign receive any traffic (or receive very low volume)?

Campaign not receiving traffic

Written by Admaven support
Updated over a week ago
  1. Raise default bid - In most cases the campaign is receiving sufficient amount of ad response, but the bid is too low to win traffic. In most cases raising the bid would solve this issue

  2. Malware / safe browsing breach - All campaigns go through automated scans in order to detect any malware or red flags from Google.  Any flagged tracking link would stop receiving traffic immediately after being flagged. In order to resolve this issue, you need to clean your links from your tracker, or you can check your link in one of the many popular anti-virus services.

  3. Balance ran out on the account  - If your campaigns ran up until a certain date or hour of day, make sure the account still has funds. If not, you can quickly recharge it via PayPal. More payment options will be added soon to the platform. 

  4. Campaign reached its daily / total budget - Once you place a cap on either daily or total budget for your campaign, take in mind that it might reach it's cap. Make sure to extend the budget to successful campaigns in order to avoid having the campaign stop.

5. Setting under the Clicks / Views per day on "1" - This is a common mistake. Setting up on "1" under total Clicks / Views Per Day would block your campaign from getting any traffic. Make sure to mark either a number that would open the campaign to            traffic or leave it blank altogether.

6. Check the campaign settings - Consult with our support about the right ad format to run your ads on, and traffic volumes for your targeting.

7. (If it's concerning a Push notification campaign) Check your campaign CTR%           and overall performance - Our system allocates traffic according to the overall performance of your creative, which consists with the bid you had put and the CTR of your creative.
First - check the creative's CTR . A good CTR is anything above 1%.
Given that the CTR is o.k, we suggest you to increase the default bid according to our recommended rate card.
If your bid is as high as recommended in the rate card, try changing your image to be more appealing. For example, add a call to action button on the image, add colors and interesting text, etc.

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